Goldfrapp to score Sam Taylor Wood's Nowhere Boy

Nowhere Boy, The feature film debut of Sam Taylor Wood, the British conceptual artist, musician, photographer, managed to draw my attention for more reasons. Apart from the director, that I known because her collaboration with Pet Shop Boys, a British Duo that I loved in the '80, obviously one of the most important reasons was the involvment of Goldfrapp in the movie score.

Their previous soundtrack, for 'My summer of Love', really impressed me, so I really expected a great Job.

They didn't disappoint me.

Amazingly melancholic, to the point where I cried, after this soundtrack I thought (and I think) that when Goldfrapp, sooner or later, will decide that no longer want to tour (hope later as possible), they can just continue as a soundtrack composers.

For example, like, Clint Mansell, which after the disbanding of his band (Pop Will Eat Itself) started a profitable collaboration with his friend, director Darren Aronofsky. I'm sure that the best results of his career, come from his soundtrack composer activity ("Lux Aeterna" from "Requiem for a Dream" over everything).

To come back to Nowhere boy, I've always encouraged people to buy Goldfrapp stuff in order to support them, but actually, if you buy the Nowhere Boy soundtrack on Amazon or Itunes, there isn't their piece of art (here's the link to Amazon, but only if you like Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and other Rock'n Roll stuff) .

So, if you want to listen to their job, here's an unofficial video, taken from youtube. It's a piece worth listening to!