Article on 'The Guardian' about Goldfrapp's Melancholy Sky

2012-01-05 17:03:01

I've just read, to my great disappointment, an article on The Guardian about the new single 'Melancholy Sky', available on 8 January. While the article praises the song as "lovely instrumental breakdown" and "featuring swirling strings and gloriously romantic saxophones", in the same time begins talking about a topic which every fan of a band would consider a source of worries or, at least, anxiety: their disbanding.

I would like to analyse the incipit "When a band announces a Best of or Singles Collection it usually means they're either about to break up, they've already broken up and the label is desperate for money, or they're ready to unveil a new direction".

I'm neither a music journalist nor a music critic, I'm just a music lover, I love all music, and I used to love many bands, from rock to pop. I can't do nothing but disagree with whoever states that when a band come out with a Best of is often going to split up.

A lot of bands have released multiple greatest hits albums, and when it happens, it's often a pivotal moment of their career rather than a disbanding. The best selling greatest hits compilation by a band is Eagles' Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) which came out many years before they broke up.

But many other glorious bands such as The Beatles, Aerosmith, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, U2 have released countless 'Greatest Hits' during their carreers.

I also haven't appreciated the sentence 'Often the new songs tacked on to the album are leftovers from old sessions or failed experiments'.

What do they mean by that?

I've always known that the more good are the extras (new songs, remixes or whatever), the more is the appeal of the compilation, especially when the songs being released as singles, such as 'Melancholy Sky'.

In the end, the latter, "or they're ready to unveil a new direction". If we are talking about Goldfrapp it's just meaningless. Five albums and each time a "new direction".

I know, I'm talking as a fan, and it could be impossible to me to give a fair and unbiased opinion on this subject. But I think that before talking about, or even just mentioning a end of something, who wrote this article should have considered that neither Alison nor Will have never revealed something about it, and rather, they have often talked about the future of Goldfrapp, and the enthusiasm about writing new songs or touring with their band.

I'd rather read more about the song and less about labels desperate for money (nowadays we all are desperate for it) or leftovers of a band whose 'leftovers' are often the favourite songs of their fans, and, in any case, better than many singles of other mainstream popstars.


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paul7220 Thu 05 January 2012 wrote:
I mean, what I don't like about this article, is that its title is 'New music: Goldfrapp – Melancholy Sky' but they started with 'the bad things' (split up, leftovers, ecc), then they end up with some compliment about the song! In my honest opinion is not good, but maybe I'm too sensitive when we talk about Goldfrapp....I don't know!
paul7220 Thu 05 January 2012 wrote:
Ok, I get it, but, first of all isn't statistically true! Is true that many bands come up with a greatest hits after their disbanding, but it's not true that they do that ONLY in that case! For example one of the latest, R.E.M. 'Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982–2011' came up simultaneously with the group's announcement about their 'retirement' in 2011, but what about Eponymous (1988), and then, all the other greatest hits they released ?
bobparr Thu 05 January 2012 wrote:
I've seen today! Reading the Guardian I've always read good articles about Goldfrapp, they wrote this article and the split up stuff because statistically it's true and, as a journalists, they can also provide this information


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