Yellow Halo, the latest enchanting synth-pop wonder from Goldfrapp

The track will be included in their career-spannning overview called 'The Singles' available from 6th Feb 2012

2011-12-10 11:03:20

Christmas comes early for Goldfrapp fans! After surprising us with their romantic ballad 'Melancholy Sky', nobody probably expected further news. I was looking forward for the new year, hoping to hear some news about their announced new album, but I was already satisfied because the new song played during their concert at Mencap Noise Sessions appeared to me as an actual their coming back to the Seventh Tree sound, and I am really fall in love with this album.

But is well known that Alison and Will don't like to be predictable, so, suddenly, from their Twitter page Goldfrapp announced their compilation, called 'The Singles'. And then, the real surprise, a brand-new single called 'Yellow Halo', released with a video, shot entirely on an iPhone by Lisa Gunning.

Before talking about the song, just a note about the video, which is an editing of short, hand recorded clips, with many images of the marvellous nature of South America. The clips follow the band, especially Alison, during their tour, emphasizing how they have spent their spare-time and they give to us a sensation of peace and happiness. Since it's well known how much Alison loves nature, which often inspires her for the lyrics and music she writes, It's so nice to see her, hiking on the green forest of South America, or playing happily with sea waves. Nice Job Lisa, but what can we expect from the editor of 'Nowhere boy' ?

The song is a brilliant, stunning example of how an electro-pop song can make you dream. A bass line which remembers me the last song of Head First 'Voice Thing', opening of all gigs of their latest tour, and a sublime vocals from Alison with a soft editing which gives its contribution to make the song nostalgic and happy at the same time. It's seems a sort of 'Seventh Tree meeting Head First' but this definition isn't enough to give you an idea of the magic atmosphere this song can create while you are listen to it! You have just to play it loudly and dream with your eyes open (or closed, if you prefer). Anyway, it's pointless to try to label this song, as much as it's pointless to label each Goldfrapp songs. There's a reason if 'label' is a word that Alison generally refuses, especially talking about music.

As said above, the song will be included in the Goldfrapp compilation 'The Singles' available from 6th Feb 2012. You can pre-order the album here.

You can listen to 'Yellow Halo' and watch the video directly from the new VEVO Golfrapp YouTube Channel by clicking here or just by playing the following embedded video.

Following the lyrics of the songs:

One thing
You said, you wanted to fly
A silk red kite
Or, on arrows
To the moon
Wearing all white

Bouquet blazing
They steal the air
Then disappear
Sunlight ripples through
All your photographs
Looking at photograph

Yellow halo
All your colours
Yellow halo
For a queen

One day
One year
The season come
The moon still here
Dawn breaks endlessly
Wake up tell me
What are you dreaming

Yellow halo
All your colours
Yellow halo
For a queen
Yellow halo
All your colours

Oooooh ooooooh

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goldy Tue 13 December 2011 wrote:
Love her voice! This song makes me sad but I can't stop to listen to it, again and again
paul7220 Sat 10 December 2011 wrote:
Ahahah. yes, it's true! Sorry for deleting your previous post, but I have to be carefull about what people write, and some comments can be funny but offensive at the same time!
aldoraine Sat 10 December 2011 wrote:
Great review! I really love the new song! I noticed that Alison has nice feet :-D


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